Wild Birdcare

Food supply for our wild birds is normally fairly low during winter and early spring but shortages can happen any time during the year. Feeding the birds is simple and won't take up too much time, its also a lovely activity to do with children. Once birds get used to finding food in your garden they will keep returning for more. 

Bird tables are a good traditional choice for feeding. If you wanted to attract a larger variety of birds consider using a feeding station which can be used to feed many different types of food.

Place food out first thing in the morning, this gives the birds enough daylight hours to find it (especially during winter). Also make sure there is a clean unfrozen supply of fresh water to drink and bathe in.

Clean bird tables/feeding stations regularly, dirty tables and feeders can harbour disease. Brush off old or wet food when replacing with new. Scrub the feeders with a bird table cleaner every few weeks, we have one available in store for £4.99.

Our birdcare offers

Now £8  Was £10
Now £8 Was £10

Fat Balls 50 tub

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Now £3 Was £5

No Mess Seed mix 2kg

Attract Birds to Your Garden
Attract Birds to Your Garden

With Our Range of Feeding Stations

Now £8  Was £10
Now £8 Was £10

Fat Balls 50 tub


Traditional wooden birdtables 

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Watch Davids insightful video on how to care for wild birds - just click the above photo.

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Bird Feeding

Stations - attract a variety of birds.

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