Real Potted and Cut Trees

Pot Grown Christmas Trees

The traditional choice for an indoor tree will always be the cut tree but in recent years the potted version has become increasingly popular. They have the benefit of coming already standing in their pot as well as being a living tree that won't drop its needles and can be used for many many years. After christmas these trees can either be potted on for next year or planted in the garden. They make a great smaller second tree near the door or in smaller homes. They can also be placed outside near the front door for an outside decorative feature.

Potted trees can only come indoors and be decorated roughly a week before christmas.

Potted trees will be available in the next coming week.

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Cut Christmas Trees

This year we are going big on Nordmann Firs, these trees are the most popular cut christmas tree as they hold their soft glossy needles well after christmas day as well as having branches that tier in a beautiful shape strong enough to hold large real glass baubles.

Available in heights 4ft-7ft.

All our cut trees are UK grown and will be available from mid November.

How to care for your cut tree: 

  • Always prepare your cut tree before bringing it in to decorate. Using a handsaw remove half an inch from the bottom to aid water absorption (one of our plant area staff can do this for you when you purchase the tree)

  • Keep watering your tree regularly 

  • Avoid placing your tree near heat sources such as open fires or radiators

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