Decorating the Home

Christmas Tree Decorations 

DSC_BOK_20201031105401073 (1).jpg

This year our favorite Christmas tree theme has been a traditional one of reds, greens and golds incorporating some natural aspects such as pinecones and ornaments of woodland animals. Our perfect tree has a backdrop of twinkling warm white string lights and lots of glass baubles that reflect the light, as well as lots of dark red and gold decorations to blend with the glossy green of the tree. Just right to stack your presents underneath! 

We have all the above and much more in store including a wide range of the much loved gonks and felt mice.

Hanging Decorations 


Decorations aren't just for your tree, why not add some Christmas cheer to door handles or walls by hanging a little berry heart or bunch of bells on them.

Shelf Decorations 


This Christmas try putting together a shelf display, incorporating lights, shelf decorations and even houseplants to give a Christmas twist to window sills, mantle pieces or bookshelves. 

We have lots of little shelf sitters and signs in store ready to inspire you.