Our Guide to Lights

Twinkle String Lights


String lights are most commonly used as a base for decorating the christmas tree. Wrapping them round and round the tree will often bring back childhood memories for many people. Beyond the tree they can add a real Christmas feel to almost any space including outside as many of our lights are suitable for outdoor use. 

The most popular string light is the twinkle light. Depending on the height of your tree we recommend the following options:

4ft tree 120 twinkle lights 9m

5ft tree 180 twinkle lights 13.5m

6ft tree 240 twinkle lights 18m

7ft tree  360 twinkle lights 27m

If you prefer extra sparkle consider doubling up.

Battery Powered Lights


Battery powered lights are a fantastic way to get creative if you are short on power outlets. The majority of the battery powered lights that we stock are also equipped with a timer, allowing you to set them once and enjoy the light at the same time every day through the festive season. 

Micro LED Lights


Dainty micro LED wire lights can be used to add a lovely little Christmas twinkle to any space around the home. Try winding them through festive shelf displays or wrapping them inside lanterns. The above pictures were using copper wire LED lights, we also have green and silver wire options as well as ones with star shaped lights in stock.