The Plant Area In Winter

Over 90% of our plants are British grown

Our Plant Area Staff

Terry, Stewart and Chris are happy to help and advise you to create your perfect outdoor space. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in everything horticultural. 

                Jobs for February

  • Rake up fallen leaves from lawns and beds

  • Dig over soil

  • Sharpen and oil tools

  • Look up varieties of seed to try this coming year

  • Plan your vegetable garden 

  • Winter prune apple and pear trees

  • If pots are empty, give them a good wash to clean off the old compost to stop disease spreading

  • Make a poly tent, weighted at the bottom, over peach and nectarine trees to protect the flowers from frost

  • Make sure to put out fresh food and water for the birds daily

  • Start forcing rhubarb

New Pots

100% Recycled

100% Recyclable


Plant of the Month 


Polyanthus are a variety of Primula, they are tough ,hardy perennials. They like well drained organic compost in a slightly shaded position (they don't like to dry out in the summer). They will come back year after year bringing welcoming colour to the winter garden and providing nectar for the early bees and insects, some will even naturalize. They can be used in pots, boarders, hanging baskets and troughs. Some varieties flower in Autumn, Winter and Spring. All are generally pest free. Flower colours can vary from red to white to blue but all have yellow centres - reminiscent of the cowslips and native yellow primroses.

Top Picks From Our Plant Area This Winter:

Valuable shrub for late autumn and winter time, for their small clusters of purple berries held on slender twig like growth. Berries are persistent and only rarely eaten except in very cold winters.

Easy shrub to grow - fine in most soils in sun to dappled shade. 

Height approximately 1.8m x 1.8m in 10 years. No pruning except for removing years of old growth.

Callicarpa Bod 'Profusion'

Common name - Plumbago.

Woody perennial producing spike like blue flowers in late summer/autumn on green leaves. Leaves turning a brilliant orange/yellow in October.

Low growing, spreading with underground shoots.

Likes sun in well drained soil, used in pots, front gardens and alpine troughs.

Ceratostigma Plumbaginodies

Cotinus Royal Purple

Handsome shrub in summer with it's claret coloured leaves, topped by profusions of pannade like flowers making a smoke screen- hence the common name 'smoke bush'. 

In autumn the leaves develop a multitude of colour, yellow to orange and red. Slow to grow at first - will need shaping in the first few years - eventually growing into a medium to large shrub. 

Height 2-3 metres. 

Likes sun and well-drained soil.

European 'Spindle Tree' due to its wood being grown for the turning or spindle and other wooden artifacts. 

Small tree (3-4m) with green foliage in the summer followed by burgundy coloured foliage and poisunous scarlet pink seed capsules and orange seeds.

Euonymus Miss Pinkie

Prunus Foliage-Ornamental Cherries

Glorious colour change in autumn of the valuable spring flowering cherries. Native to japan, many have been bred to grow into weeping, slender, large and small magnificent trees. Will grow in most soils.

Compact varieties like prunus snow shower to huge trees like prunus kanzan. All have great autumn foliage from butter yellow to brilliant reds.