The Plant Area In Spring

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Over 90% of our plants are British grown

Our Plant Area Staff

Terry, Stewart and Chris are happy to help and advise you to create your perfect outdoor space. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in everything horticultural. 


Plant of the Month 



A popular summer bedding plant in this country suitable for containers and hanging baskets. They come in many varieties, colours and flower sizes from the familiar single flowers to more flamboyant doubles, the popular blue with white speckled 'night sky' and even types that trail.

Why not this year create a container or pot filled with petunias in red, white and blue, just in time for the Queens' Platinum Jubilee in June. Any size or type of container can accommodate them if filled with good container compost. Then all you need to do is feed them weekly with a liquid fertiliser such as tomato food and water them well every time they dry out.


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