The Plant Area In Spring

Over 90% of our plants are British grown

Our Plant Area Staff

Terry, Stewart and Chris are happy to help and advise you to create your perfect outdoor space. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in everything horticultural. 


Plant of the Month 

Planted Up Containers

Planted with summer colour and foliage combinations. Keep moist during the growing season, twice daily watering in hot dry conditions, mixing compost with water saving granules can greatly reduce the amount of water the plants lose and therefore reduce watering. Cut off dead flower heads to promote new growth to reflower. Feed weekly with a high potassium liquid feed and some plants can be cut back eg petunias, the first longer branches can be pruned to promote fresh bushy growth. Some upright plants may need support with a thin wooden plant stick or even a short bamboo cane. 

Most summer bedding plants should be treated as annuals.