The Plant Area In Spring

Over 90% of our plants are British grown

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Terry, Stewart and Chris are happy to help and advise you to create your perfect outdoor space. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in everything horticultural. 

                Jobs for March

  • Cut Dogwoods back to the base to encourage vigorous new growth

  • Plant onion and shallot sets as well as early potatoes

  • Start sowing hardy annuals outside eg Californian poppies and nasturtiums

  • Scatter all-purpose fertilizer over beds and borders

  • Plant new shrubs and roses

  • Start thinking about mowing the lawn on dry days

  • Tidy up alpine displays as they start to flower - removing dead foliage and old flower stems - add more grit on the surface to keep them looking their best

  • Prune established bush and climbing roses

  • Tidy up borders by removing any faded foliage from last year and weeding

  • Sow some wildflower mix in seed trays ready to encourage wildlife into your garden

  • Check early growth for aphids

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Plant of the Month 


Attractive very early season flowering hardy plant - native to Europe and Asia, growing in a wide variety of soils, both acid to alkaline. Flowers form February to April with attractive white to pink to purple flower heads. Many have spotted or silver variegated foliage, in older times it was reported to resemble a diseased lung, apparently helping with lung conditions. Very happy growing in the sun, but best in a shady border, and can cope with very dry summer conditions. 

After flowering cut back the old flower stems to get the best leaf colour, which will look fantastic against other shade loving plants like ferns, hellebore and violets.

Top Picks From Our Plant Area This Spring:


Very early season flowering shrub, normally mid march. Easy to grow and sun loving, they bare endless yellow flowers on long bare stems. Cut back after flowering to promote bushy growth. Medium to large sized shrub. The early nectar is very welcomed by bees and other insects.


Good Varieties include: Lynwood, Golden times, mini gold 

Hardy deciduous shrub flowering profusely during early spring, colours of the flowers range from white to pink to vivid scarlet - double flower forms are also available. Flowers liked by bees, fruits (quince) liked by blackbirds, thrushes and fieldfares as well as being a good nesting site for small birds like wrens and robins due to some thorns on the stems that prevent predators. 

Withstands most soil types apart from boggy. Ground cover varieties to medium sized shrubs, they can also be trained against a wall or fence in a fan shape.

Good varieties include: Jet trail, crimson and gold, geisha girl

Chanomoles - Japanese Quince


Architectural colourful sword like evergreen shrubs. Add colour and foliage height to any garden anywhere from pots to sunny borders or gravel gardens. Foliage colour varies from yellow to pink striped to black. 

Easy to grow in a sunny site with normal to well drained soil. if growing in containers use John Innes number 2 with added grit in the pot to help with excessive wet winters.

Good Varieties include: Gold Ray, Rainbow Queen, Flamingo, Black Velvet

Very valuable evergreen perennial which most gardens would benefit from for their coloured foliage and easy to grow flowers for acid yellow to black. Suitable for sunny borders, semi shade borders and some even for deep shade as well as being drought resistant. 

Flowers borne in spring of a multitude of colours. Watch out for the sap of the plant as it is an irritant.

Good Varieties include:Glassier Blue, Blackbird, Ascot Rainbow


Choisya Sundance

Very popular bright yellow evergreen shrub suitable for all soils except waterlogged ones. Likes a sunny spot which will help bring out the colour. Will grow into a medium sized shrub-after a few years white flowers form but its bright golden foliage is its real attribute. No pests or diseases, occasionally frost will burn the tips of the leaves but this will quickly regrow to brighten up any garden.

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